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Plotinus tl;dr Anon
28 October 2012 @ 12:20 pm
LiveJournal is *literally* going to turn into Tumblr. Force a single (ugly) layout onto everyone's friends page and turn on eternal scrolling. (Though without an easy way to post photos, I guess, since their scrapbook is still messed up. And wtf is the use of Tumblr if not the easy posting and reposting of images? LJ, you fail bigtime.)

Like many of the people leaving comments on that post, I cannot deal with that. I've mostly left LJ already, thank goodness, but I still read my friends list. "Read" as in present tense, but if they actually go through with this, "read" will become past tense. I'll miss reading everyone's posts, but... yeah. There are several reasons I don't use Tumblr, and LJ is implementing a few of them.

Again I'd recommend that for a nice blogging experience where the people in charge understand how people use journaling services and care about making their userbase happy, give Dreamwidth a try. (No invite codes have been needed since last year, for the record.) I know people have held out because "people/fandoms are already here on LJ", but I'm guessing there will be a lot fewer people/fandoms on LJ after this crap.
Plotinus tl;dr Anon
11 October 2010 @ 12:43 pm
I kept thinking one of these days I'd make a big elaborate post full of all the reasons, and links documenting said reasons, but the more time passes, the more reasons come up, and I'm just not up to it, so maybe I'll add them in later. To make a long story short...

Not posting here anymore. I don't feel safe having any personal information here anymore. I'll still update/moderate communities I have responsibilities towards, and read my friends page, but this journal is not being used as a journal.

If you want to find me and don't already know where I am, drop me a line. Comments are on, but screened, or you can send a PM. If there was content here that you want the new link to, again, drop me a line. Everything that was here is now somewhere else (aside from a handful of entries that were visible only to me in the first place), and I'll find it for you.

And no, I'm not judging anyone who's staying. I just don't feel that LiveJournal is a good place for me anymore, with the way I use the internet, and I found a place I liked much better some time back anyway. (No, it's not Facebook. I loathe Facebook. I have one, but it's probably not worth adding me there unless it's all you use, because I never talk about anything remotely interesting except the pets.)